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Your Order Will Arrive On Time

You can rest assure that your order will arrive on time every time.

We understand the importance of getting what you paid for on time, our staff will make sure you get the best out of us.

All File Types Are Accepted


We accept a wide variety of format. These are most of the format we use in a daily basis.



Pixelation is the term used in computer graphics to describe blurry sections or fuzziness in an image due to visibility of single-colored square display elements or individual pixels. It mostly occurs with non-vector or raster-based images or with images which are resolution dependent due to the number of pixels per inch of the image being low. For a good quality image, pixelation must be avoided or minimized.

Placement & Centering


We will place and center your product according to your specifications.

Removing Background Colors On Your Uploaded Images


We will remove any unwanted background upon specification.

Color Changes


Color change? No problem we will take care of that. Customization is about getting what you want.

Changing Your Uploaded Design


Want to upload your own art or logo, and worried it won't print correctly? Fear not! Our team of expert artists will automatically recreate and clean up all uploaded images to make sure that they print perfectly. As always, we’ll send you a picture proof for approval before printing your design.

Adjusting Print Size On Orders With Youth And Adult Apparel


We will resize the artwork according with the product type.


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